Friday, August 12, 2011

Pigeon Island, 26th July 2011

This morning we woke up at around 7 to the sound of voices, a bit too close to our cabin hatches.
We looked out, and found our Yum-Yum perfectly placed in the middle of a circular fishnet in the beautiful morning sunlight.
There were three guys hauling the net into a boat, and two other guys snorkeling in the water along the net.
Supported by the force of abrupted dreams and intruders in the comfort zone, the Yum-Yum missus clearly pronounced her protest against any fiddeling with rudders and other sensitive zones under the bottom of our floating home.
The fishermen kept on reducing the net circle, as the guys in the water quite elegantly slid the net under our keels, and the leading guy in the boat repeated «everything ok / fine / no worry»
Well, from being a little terrified in the first act, we gradually became more of slightly amazed spectacors to this fishing adventure.
We knew from our snorkeling that the shadow under the boat is a popular hang-out for several fishes, especially groups of small, playful and curious fuciliers that seemed to enjoy our company in the water.
Well, it turned out that our small friends was what they fished to catch.
So, damage done, what else could we do, but buy a bucket, barbecue them and eat them. 
The fishermen laughed and added an extra shuffle in our bucket when we let them understand that their ridiculus overprice would be accepted this time because they were "good guys".  
Lots of small bones though.
Half of the bucket ended up, probably as catfood, at the Jambe de Bois restaurant.

Valentine & Tor

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