Monday, September 5, 2011

Grenada 4th September 2011

Our life as off season sailing tramps in the Caribbean is, as expected, still very pleasant.
We returned to the south Grenada last week after an excursion to the Tobago Cays.

Tobago Cays underwater creatures I.
Tobago Cays underwater creatures II.

The tropical storms passing east of us interrupt the otherwise steady 15 knots easterly tradewinds, resulting in a series of fairly predictable windless days.
The three nights we spent at the Cays, facing the Atlantic ocean, was dead calm.

Art II.    Below: Artist to the right
Art I.

Valentine's grown-up son and daughter left us early this week after a two week's visit.
Grenadian Mainroad
Following the Cays trip, we rented a car here on Grenada, and spent a couple of days driving around the island. 
Rain forest, waterfalls not very impressive neither for swiss nor wegian, but nice combination, though.
Muscade / Nutmeg, on the other hand, is a very impressive plant, and an important export article for Grenada.
And then there is the rum distillation and blending. In every possible variety.
The driving experience on the wrong side of narrow and windy roads is also a part of it.
Our impression of the people we meet on this island being remarkably approachable and friendly, is constantly supported.
Welcome to Nutmeg Factory II.
Welcome to Nutmeg Factory I.

 Having the first guests living on board Yum-Yum has been a different experience, after 2 ½ month with only the two of us. Food supplies, meals and other small practical matters calls for a little more organization with visitors.
The Swiss family are very playful people, if a play or the necessary playing tools are not available, something new is invented or improvised on the spot.
The scenes that took place on the beach the last day of the visit, was quite a spectacle, I believe. Especially the part with the blindfolded sea-monster chasing one of the other three, who would become the next monster, and so on.. great fun!!
Number 8 badminton and badminton with double separation lines are new and interesting games. Some good card games new to me, and some new to the world are also among the good memories from the last weeks.
Nutmeg Factory Ladies
Nutmeg Factory Lady

Plans for the near future is pending a little, we are waiting for answers from local suppliers to decide witch of our expedition preparations that can be done here on Grenada, and what will have to be delayed or organized in other ways.

We are meeting new and “old” sailor friends everywhere, and there is, as expected, a list of repair, maintenance and upgrade issues that grows at approximately the same speed as they are being taken care of.

We are very satisfied with our Yum-Yum-life. More and more so.

We are both in the process of adapting ourselves to a much more laidback lifestyle than before, a completely different climate, and with limited possibilities to blame our few lightly grumpy days on anything or anyone but ourselves.

I find myself often thinking nowdays, that life doesn't need to be much better than this.

A part of the Yum-Yum experience is to be very far away from friends and loved ones back there. Under these conditions I feel rich to have good memories and pleasant and realistic dreams that often include the people I care for.
People that really want me to have this life now, and who have supported me in getting here.

Small Falls, Great Fun

20 minutes before Darkness Badminton

Welcome to Grenada!

Another Watchtower?

Advanced Guessing

Still hanging around here with your camera??

House Band at Lambie Queen, Tyrrel Bay

Ready for Landfall

Really Goood Mohitos!!

Happy Reunion

How come he allways ends up at the engine?

Petit Tabac, Tobago Cays

Happy reunion II


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  1. "The Swiss family are very playful people"
    hahah you're so right! Happy to have teaching you cards' game :D
    And thank again for supporting us hahaha

  2. Trop belle ces photos! Vous vous êtes éclatés!


  3. Du vélo, de la marche, du badminton, des baignades c'est sportif !
    Continuez à en profiter
    Les ex Corynthe