Friday, June 10, 2011

Yum-Yum is wet, follow us online!

Dear family and friends,

We are pleased to announced you that Yum-Yum is afloat since yesterday :)
We will still be in St-Marteen a few more days to prepare the boat and then we'll "fly" south starting our magnificent journey!

We'll try to update this blog as often as possible so you can follow us in realtime haha. Non english readers, relax, sometimes you'll be able to read posts in Norwegian or French specially written for you ;)

We hope to read your comments soon and please be patient, we are here to relax and take it easy so we won't post every day.

Much love to all and see you on board soon!

Valentine, Tor


  1. Hey guys, sounds not like heaven for now but you're obviously preparing something HUGE!
    We'll definitely follow your quest to intense emotions and great nature. Besos - Pello Familly back from Italy

  2. ¡Hola! :-)
    ¡Un blog, que buena idea!
    Gøy å sjå at de e i full sving med den spennande reisa.
    God seilas vidare!! Bon voyage!! :)
    Un abrazo